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Exyus is a web application engine that is designed to make it relatively easy to build REST-compliant apps. This project was started as a way to explore HTTP and REST constraints. It is also an attempt to build a solid REST-ful environment for the Windows/IIS/ASP.NET world.

This is a "work in progress" and comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome. You can track the progress of the exyus project by viewing the commit log and browsing the source code.

Check out the example code that shows how easy it is to create an editable HTTP resource end-point on the web.

2008-05-28 - REST - The short version

Getting a clear handle on the definition of the REST architectural style can be daunting. While there is no shortage of descriptions available, I did not find many of them helpful at first. Also, as I began talking about REST to colleagues, I often had a difficult time producing clear descriptions for the key points. Over time, however, I sharpened my summary into a version that seemed to make sense to most of my listeners. I offer here my rendition of the REST model.

2008-03-31 - Codebreaker Sample Game

This simple oneline game was built to show how to build simple REST-ful interactive Web apps using the exyus web engine. It's easy and fun to play, too! Try it out!

2008-03-23 - UGData Tutorial

A new article (UGData Tutorial) has been posted. This article is the first one showing how easy it is to build REST-compliant read/write HTTP resources that use SQL Server as the data-store. You'll also see how you can implement PUT and DELETE HTTP methods using 'overloaded' HTML FORM POSTing.

SQL support added to the baseline

2008-03-16 - Version 0.6 Release Posted

This release includes support for SQL Server (2005+) along with a number of bug fixes and enhancements. The new XmlSqlResource class can be used to handle communication between HTTP clients and a relation database. Check out the UGData example online and download the latest runtime and samples.

2008-02-17 - Server-Side Mashup Demo and Article

A new demo (ServerMashup) has been posted. This demo shows how to use the XmlPageResource class to create a mashup resource on the server. It pulls data from two remote sites as well as local content and transforms it into a cache-able XHTML page. Check out the Server-Side Mashup Tutorial for details on how this demo was built.

2008-02-13 - FAQ Posted

An FAQ was started today. These are questions that have come up in newsgroups and other conversations since the first public version of Exyus was posted in January 2008. Feel free to send additional questions via email to mamund AT yahoo DOT com.

2008-02-09 - New Demo Added, Runtime Updated

A new demo app (ZipCheck) is now available. This demo shows how to use HTTP/REST constraints to build web apps that provide immediate feedback without using Ajax or other scripting services. The source is viewable online and is included in the latest exyus runtime. Also, a new version of the exyus runtime install kit has been updated and posted to the exyus googlecode site. This is a minor update that cleans up some utility functions and cookie-handling code.

JSON support added to the baseline

2008-02-03 - Runtime Updated

A new version of the exyus runtime install kit has been updated and posted to the exyus googlecode site. The big news in this version is the added support for JSON serialization. The TaskList oneline sample app has also been updated to include examples of sending using XML, JSON, and Atom.

2008-02-02 - Posted Task List Client Tutorial

In the TaskList Client tutorial, you'll learn how to use the exyus engine to build client-side desktop applications that can talk to HTTP servers. You'll learn about the HTTPClient class and how you can use it to make requests to (and handle responses from) remote HTTP servers.

2008-01-30 - Posted Task List Command-Line App

Added a new sample app - TaskList-cmd. This windows commaind-line app "talks" to the web-hosted TaskList data store. You can get the source and Windows executable from the Downloads section of the source code site as part of the exyus runtime.

2008-01-27 - Posted Task List Tutorial

The Task List Tutorial is a walk-through article on how to use exyus to create a simple Web app that follows REST-contraints and suppost multiple content-types (XHTML and XML). The TaskList app is available live on this site and is also included in the Downloads section of the source code site as part of the exyus runtime.

2008-01-24 - Posted Task List Sample

Task List is a simple Read/Write web app. One .CS file along with a handful of XSL/XSD documents provide full support for reading and writing tasks using HTML POST forms and XML (via Ajax). Inspired by the Super-simple Task List Application for ASP.NET's MVC+Ajax. NOTE: I will post a tutorial for this app in the next couple days. You can download the source code now.

2008-01-20 - Site officially launched

The public site is officially launched. A small set of online samples is now live. Links to the source code and discussion board are on the External page. You can download the exyus_runtime from the External page, too.