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This Giant Oil Rig Could Usher in a Radically Altered Arctic
A floating oil rig just delivered to Italian and Norwegian oil companies will soon be operating farther north than any other.
How a Galaxy Can Get Booted From Its Home
Cosmic collisions may slingshot tiny galaxies into intergalactic space.
Watch: Chile Volcano Erupts in Stunning Time-Lapse
Calbuco puts on a colorful show.
What Do We Really Know About Roundup Weed Killer?
It’s probably in your garage and on your lawn. And it’s used on nearly every acre of corn and soy. But what risks does it pose?
Exclusive: Obama Tells Us What's to Come on Climate, Drought
The president says “we’re committed to a low-carbon future” but wants a “balanced approach.” And he vows to provide more help to drought-stricken California.
Why Obama Went to the Everglades for Earth Day
The president chooses the nation’s most vulnerable state to talk about impacts of climate change and rising sea levels.
Birds "Walk" on Water to Impress Mates—Here's How They Do It
Frantic foot slaps and a wonky stride allow "dancing" grebes to skim the surface without sinking, a new study says.
Ancient Egyptian Artifacts Smuggled Into U.S. Are Heading Home
Objects include mummy coffins cut into pieces and sent to dealer via express mail.
Rarely Observed 'Quadruple' Rainbow Isn't What it Seems
A combination of reflections gave birth to the four rainbows captured in a picture by a woman in Long Island.
Are Two Giant Black Holes About to Collide?
A flickering quasar may be signaling that the most colossal of cosmic smashups could be just a few years away.
Earth Day Pictures: 10 Of World's Greenest Buildings
Eco-friendly buildings can be both affordable and beautiful, say the jurors of an annual architecture award.
Is Genetically Engineered Food A Fraud?
Claims author: It’s the biggest fraud in the history of science and not the answer to feeding the world.
New Species of See-Through Frog Found, Looks Like Kermit
The Muppets lookalike is the first glass frog discovered in Costa Rica since 1973.
Lucrative But Thirsty Almonds Come Under Fire Amid Drought
Does it make sense for California to grow so many almonds when it has so little water?
This Week's Must-See Show Is the Lyrid Meteor Shower
Shooting stars will light up the night skies on Wednesday, and if you miss them you can catch a sprinkling for a few nights afterward.
This Chart Shows How U.S. Carbon Emissions Are Rising—Again
Economic growth helped drive up U.S. energy-related carbon emissions in 2014, for the second consecutive year. Will this continue?
Watch: Wolf Spider Squashed, Hundreds of Babies Emerge
A scene in Australia gave people a start, but there’s a simple explanation, say scientists.
New Recipe for Conquering Everest: Rethinking Methods, Route
A veteran guide focuses on pre-climb training and the Tibetan side of the mountain.
Road-Eating, Slow-Motion Landslide Caught on Video
Russian authorities are investigating a massive earthflow that took down trees and power lines.
This Week's Night Sky: See an Eclipse of Two Jupiter Moons
In the middle of the week, the Lyrid meteor shower creates a late-night show.
Pictures: Billions of Blue Jellyfish Wash Up on American Beaches
The animals known as "by-the-wind sailors" stay out on the open ocean—until the winds change.
Sixty-Seven Years of Oil and Gas Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico
Deepwater drilling is increasing in the Gulf. Oil companies say it’s safer now, but critics say spills are inevitable.
Is Deepwater Drilling Safer, 5 Years After Worst Oil Spill?
Deepwater drilling is increasing in the Gulf. Oil companies say it’s safer now, but critics say spills are inevitable.
Amazon Dams Keep the Lights On But Could Hurt Fish, Forests
A surge in hydroelectric power could displace the iconic region’s indigenous peoples and resources.
Rewilding Farm Creates Refuge for England’s Rare Turtledoves
The owners of Knepp Castle Estate, in Sussex, converted their 3,500 acres from crops to wilderness—and now rejoice in the transformation.
Why Elephants Are As Ritualistic and Violent As the Mafia
It’s all about power, dominance, reverence, brutality and—above all—family.
Dung Beetles Roll With It
How do starry-eyed dung beetles get around during the day?
How Abraham Lincoln's Funeral Train Journey Made History
On the 150th anniversary of that trip, historian Adam Goodheart reflects on the rail splitter’s special connection to railroads.
First Ever Picture Taken of a Rare African Monkey
The Bouvier’s red colobus monkey had not been seen in some 40 years and was thought by many to be extinct.
Why Did ‘Shocking' Amounts of BP Oil Fall to the Seafloor?
A newly discovered process that makes oil drop like stones may inspire better cleanup strategies, experts say.
For Earth Day, 14 Pictures of Extraordinary Trees
See photographs of surreal, tall, and tiny trees.
Ultra-Rare Black Flamingo Spotted in Cyprus
The unusually colored bird could be one of a kind, experts say.
Why Shroud of Turin's Secrets Continue to Elude Science
As the venerated relic goes on public exhibition, its origin remains a mystery wrapped in an enigma.
Watch Incredibly Rare White Monkeys Ghost Through a Forest
In addition to these spider monkeys, the world of unusually white animals includes lions, bears and squirrels.
Week's Best Space Pictures: Pluto Comes in Color And A Moon Shines
A spacecraft sends the first ever color picture of Pluto and a Saturnian moon basks in reflected light in this week's best space pictures.
Oldest Stone Tools Discovered in Kenya
3.3 million-year-old artifacts reveal primitive ancestors like “Lucy” may have been capable of tool-making
Asteroids Bear Scars of Moon’s Violent Formation
Asteroids contain signs of the colossal collision that formed the moon.
How Oil Spills Can Literally Break Fish Hearts
Tiny amounts of Gulf oil, toxic to baby fish, could have worldwide implications, scientists say.
Pictures: Centuries After Death, Mummies Still Telling Stories
A crypt in Vilnius, Lithuania, offers insights into 18th- and 19th-century life and health.
Is This Picture-Taking Octopus as Smart as She Seems?
Octopuses can be trained to do many things, but this one may be getting too much credit.
Do Chimps Trade Food for Sex?
When male chimpanzees seek sex but female chimps are more interested in food, the result is a passionate clash of appetites.
Bighorn Sheep Are Helicoptering Their Way Back From the Brink
California Fish and Wildlife is helping endangered bighorn sheep reclaim their old range—by lifting them over the humans and mountain lions.
Dark Matter May Be Less Mysterious Than We Thought
Unlike ordinary particles, dark matter seems to feel only gravity, not the other forces of nature. But new observations show that might not be true after all
Ancient Cosmic Smack-Up May Have Made Earth’s Molten Core
Ancient collision explains presence of radioactive elements that keep planet’s center from solidifying.
How Two Sisters’ Love Helped Them Survive Auschwitz
Lessons in the triumph of love and compassion over intolerance and hate.
Rare Video Captures Sperm Whale in Deep Sea
An ROV captured dramatic footage in the Gulf of Mexico 2,000 feet below the surface.
Why Food Is Everything
Chef José Andrés moved from Spain to the United States two decades ago. Known for introducing Spanish tapas to the American palate, he’s also hosted cooking shows and taught at Harvard.
A Gray Whale Breaks The Record For Longest Mammal Migration
The female, a member of a critically endangered population, swam across the Pacific from Russia to Mexico.
Why ISIS Hates Archaeology and Blew Up Ancient Iraqi Palace
With a video showing an Assyrian palace's destruction, the Islamic State wants to establish itself as heir to a legacy of "idol destruction."
Famous Cougar That Was Holed Up Under L.A. House Returns to Wild
Cougar made famous by National Geographic photo has spent three years in urban area.
Is Gulf Oil Spill's Damage Over or Still Unfolding?
Scientists tracking Gulf sparrows, insects, and seabirds try to unravel the mysteries of a landscape changed by oil.
Pictures: Millennials Test Cute, Efficient Cars of the Future
At Shell Eco-marathon Americas, more than a thousand students vie to see who can build a car that runs on the least amount of fuel.
Warm Weather Drives Bears Out of Hibernation
Utah animals left dens early but found little food.
Watch Curious Chimp Knock a Drone Out of the Sky
Viral video shows a chimpanzee take action when a drone gets too close.
This Week’s Night Sky: See a Dramatic Eclipse—Off Jupiter
Two Jovian moons give a quick shadow show, and the Big Dipper points the way to distant galaxies.
Digs Reveal Stone-Age Weapons Industry With Staggering Output
Millions of weapons were made at Paleolithic “factory” in the Caucasus.
A Town in Nepal Teaches a Young American How to Live
"What I learned in Nepalganj" in the Peace Corps, writes T.D. Allman, "has kept me alive in situations when I might have gotten killed."
Here Are the Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life
Diet is the key to longevity—but also sex, naps, wine and good friends.
Can Your Dog or Cat Be Allergic to You?
Our pets can suffer from many of the same allergens that make humans miserable, including pollen, veterinarians say.
Warming Pacific Makes for Increasingly Weird Ocean Life
A “blob” of warm water that’s partly to blame for dead birds and stranded sea lions in the Pacific may share a cause with Boston’s snows and California’s drought.
Extreme Weather: 13 Striking Pictures
Scientists predict that climate change will intensify the severity of storms.
How Your Phone Could Save You From an Impending Earthquake
A new study says cell phones could give you enough time to get to safety.
A Year After Everest Disaster, This Sherpa Isn't Going Back
Memories of the killer avalanche endure, but Pemba Sherpa is also worried about the Tibetan calendar.
The Science Behind Midwest’s Killer Tornadoes
Weather scientists work to improve forecasting to help people get out of the way of nature’s fury.
Week's Best Space Pictures: A Blood Moon Rises and Auroras Dance
We see this century's shortest eclipse and the northern lights blaze over Iceland in this week's best space pictures.
Volcanic Eruption That Changed World Marks 200th Anniversary
The effects of Tambora's cataclysmic eruption were felt for years around the Earth.
Is This Cat Going Up or Down?
Evoking memories of the great dress debate, a viral photo of a feline on a staircase divides the Internet.
Elite Climbers to Blaze New Route up Everest
Climbing without bottled oxygen or Sherpa support, team tackles unclimbed line on Northeast Face.
Watch Touching Reunion of Rescued Elephant and Her Mother
After serving in the Thai tourist industry, an elephant named Me-Bai was sent to a sanctuary and reunited with her mother, who hadn’t forgotten her.
Watch: Amid Drought, California Water Virtually Draining Away
The state is exporting water-intensive alfalfa hay to fuel China's growing demand for dairy.
Airplanes Next in Line for Carbon Rules?
Efforts to regulate plane emissions have been delayed, but might soon be cleared for takeoff.
Pictures: 10 Unusual Baby Animals You Don't See Every Day
Frisky puppies and fluffy kittens don't have the corner on cute—baby eels, boars, and baboons are just as aww-worthy.
Surge in Everest Climbers Year After Mountain's Worst Tragedy
The new climbing season begins with a "safer" route through a killer icefall.
Vanuatu Puts Drones in the Sky to See Cyclone Damage
After the small island nation was devastated by Cyclone Pam, airborne cameras provide vital information for relief efforts.
Flying Oceans of Magma Help Demystify the Moon's Creation
The story of the moon’s birth might also include Pluto-size wrecking balls.
Bobcat Drags Shark Out of Florida Surf
Dramatic photograph appears to be real, experts say.
Eat, Cook, Love: How a Girl From Missouri Ended Up in Rome
In Italy, family and food come first and people cook for their pets.
Pictures: Beauty and Peril Along Endangered St. Louis River
A photographer captures the changing face of the Great Lakes by traveling the largest U.S. river that flows into Lake Superior.
Flirty Female Spiders Use Silk to Capture a Male's Interest
When male wolf spiders don't seem that interested in a female wolf spider, she ups her game by releasing more pheromone-rich silk.
Brontosaurus Stomps Back to Claim Its Status as Real Dinosaur
Like Pluto losing its standing as a planet, Brontosaurus became a non-species. Now scientists say that may have been the wrong call.
Grand Canyon Development Plans Put River on Endangered List
Environmental group says the Colorado faces a trio of potential threats: a mine, a big development, and a growing town.
This Week’s Night Sky: Catch an Exploding Star
An exploding star gets brighter, and a planet makes a close pass by the Pleiades star cluster.
5 Things You Should Know About California’s Water Crisis
Drought, and the resulting shortage of melting snow, is driving the historic water shortages across much of the American West.
Citizens Spur States to Ban Trade in Ivory and Rhino Horn
From Vermont to California, grassroots efforts drive state actions to protect elephants and rhinos.
Colorful New ‘Dwarf Dragons’ Found in South America
The newfound wood lizards live in Ecuador and Peru—and chances are, there are more yet to be discovered, scientists say.
How Your School Could Become the Next Tinderbox for Measles
Hot spots for measles are scattered across the U.S., in areas rich or poor, in red states or blue.
Is This New Gold Mine of Baby Galaxies a Missing Cosmic Link?
Space telescopes have spotted more than 200 distant galaxies that reveal early bursts of star formation.
Tales From a (Relatively) Sunny Seaside Town in England
Roff Smith has bicycled thousands of miles, but he never tires of the ancient town of Hastings, where William the Conqueror changed history.
How a Quest to Find a 'Unicorn' Changed One Man's Life
The saola, a small, antelope-like animal, is the “embodiment of magic in nature,” author says.
How the World Celebrates Easter in 15 Spectacular Photos
From eggs to bunnies, there are almost as many ways to observe Easter as there are countries.
What Should You Do If You Find a Spider in Your House?
For starters, don't panic—and remember that most of the 40,000 known spider species are not venomous.
Week's Best Space Pictures: A Storm Swirls and Dark Matter Collides
A typhoon menaces the Philippines, and galaxies—and their dark matter—collide.
Delta Smelt, Icon of California Water Wars, Is Almost Extinct
Tiny fish's survival hangs in the balance as severe drought and decades of water pumping drain its habitat.
Touch-Free Archaeology Reveals History With Lasers, Drones
In Portugal and elsewhere, noninvasive research techniques are gently revealing the past, without the disruption of digging.
Behind California's Historic Water Restrictions: Low Snowpack
Snow in mountains is only 6 percent of normal, worsening drought.
Desert-Dwelling Fish Can 'Hold Its Breath' for Five Hours
Tiny pupfish have adapted their respiration to go without oxygen for long stretches.
See a Blood Moon in Shortest Eclipse of the Century
A total lunar eclipse will dazzle sky-watchers in the western half of North America.
Celebrate Hubble's 25th Anniversary in Space With These Awesome Photos
Hubble’s lead imaging scientist shares his favorite celestial views from the space telescope.
Are Harvard's Dying Hemlocks a Warning for Trees Everywhere?
Snowshoeing through Harvard Forest is a chance to ponder the fate of forests on a rapidly warming planet.
California Issues First-Ever Mandatory Water Cuts
Facing historic drought, the state will require a 25 percent cut for consumers, but not for farms.