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Fatal Strike a Rarity in "Lightning Proof" Southern California
A lightning strike that left one man dead and 13 injured in Venice Beach is a rare event in Southern California.
Social Octopus Species Shatters Beliefs About Ocean Dwellers
The discovery of an octopus that lives in big groups is shattering even the most expansive ideas of known octopus behavior.
Q&A: Ebola Spreads in Africa—and Likely Will Spread Beyond
The Ebola virus has killed a Liberian doctor and infected two Americans in the worst-ever Ebola epidemic, which has now spread to Nigeria.
Asteroid Timing Erased the Dinosaurs?
Amid volcanoes and climate zig-zags, an asteroid impact bumped off dinosaurs at a weak moment for the giant beasts.
Animals From Space: Polar Bears, Penguins Tracked Via Satellite
Keeping tabs on polar bears, penguins, and other creatures via satellite can be cheaper, easier, and more accurate, scientists say.
On the Hundredth Anniversary of the Start of World War I, Remembering the Part Animals Played
Ten million men died during the 1914-18 conflict—and so did eight million horses.
Amelia Earhart’s 1935 Story on Becoming First to Fly From Hawaii to California
Amelia Earhart's first-person account on becoming the first pilot to fly from Hawaii to California
How World War I Helps Explain Today's Middle East Bloodshed
Bloodshed in the Middle East today can be traced back to the war that began a hundred years ago tomorrow.
Q&A: Was Teen Pilot's Tragic Round-the-World Flight Attempt Too Risky?
A teen and his father took on too much risk in trying to set a world flight record in 30 days, says Barrington Irving, a young pilot who set his own record in 2007.
Pictures: Nice Day for a Picnic—a Century of Outdoor Eating Around the World
Campers dine in the desert, workers take a midday break, and sweethearts kiss near the Eiffel Tower.
Week's Best Space Pictures: A Cosmic Cluster, a Heavenly Halo, and a Supernova's Ashes
A halo of stars highlights a galaxy and a supernova image is spiffed up in this week's best space pictures.
Tropical Fish Cause Trouble as Climate Change Drives Them Toward the Poles
Climate change drives sea creatures toward the Poles and into conflict with established communities.
Q&A: Scientist Studied His Poop for a Year to Learn About Gut Bugs
From flossing to food poisoning, scientists saw life's up and downs altering their gut bugs.
Siberian Discovery Suggests Almost All Dinosaurs Were Feathered
A Siberian fossil of a new dinosaur species suggests most were probably feathered.
Opinion: It's Time to Stop Thinking That All Non-Native Species Are Evil
Have we been obsessing too much about invasive species? Is it time to stop hating them and focus on more important things—like preventing extinction?
Video: How (and Why) to Sail a 19th-Century Whaling Ship
A modern crew learns the secrets of sailing a restored New England whaling ship.
Dramatic Pictures of Recent Sinkholes Reveal Hazards Lurking Below
Natural and human-caused sinkholes have swallowed cars and houses in Florida, Minnesota, England, China, Latin America, and beyond.
As Fiery Accidents Pile Up, U.S. Proposes New Rules for Oil Trains
The U.S. Department of Transportation rolled out long-promised standards on Wednesday.
Blue Whale "Hot Spots" Overlap With Shipping Lanes, Raising Threats
Popular spots for blue whales off the California coast overlap commercial shipping lanes, a new study finds.
American-Born Gangs Helping Drive Immigrant Crisis at U.S. Border
Central America's spiraling violence has a Los Angeles connection.
Report: Gulf and Atlantic Coasts Not Prepared for Sea-Level Rise
The National Research Council warns that U.S. coasts are at risk of flooding and storm damage, thanks to climate change.
Map: No-Fly Zones and Restricted Airspaces
Israel and eastern Ukraine join the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration's list of places with flight prohibitions.
Causes of Deadly Washington Mudslide Revealed in Scientific Report
The report says that logging in the area may have played a role.
First Nation Tribe Discovers Grizzly Bear "Highway" in Its Backyard
Canada's Heiltsuk people discover more grizzlies living in their midst than they thought.
Smallpox and Anthrax Scandals Cap History of Fumbling Dangerous Materials
The CDC, NIH, and FDA have mishandled hazardous materials, but they aren't alone.