Welcome to Codebreaker

Codebreaker is a simple game. You have ten tries to guess the four-letter code generated by the computer. Give it a try.


Playing the game is easy. The computer generates a random four-character code using the letters ABCDEF. Letters can be repeated (AAAA is a valid code). You have ten tries to guess the code.

After each try, the computer will give you feedback in the form of two values: X and N. The X count indicates how many characters are the correct letter and the correct location. The N count indicates how many charaters are the correct letter, but the wrong location. For example if the computer code is ABCD and you guess ACDF then the computer will reply with X=1 and N=2.

You win if you can reach X=4 in ten moves or less. Scores are awarded based on the least number of moves. If you guess in the first move, you are awarded 100 points for that game. If you guess in ten moves, you are awarded ten points. If you fail to guess the correct code in ten moves, the game is over and you are awarded no points.

Your past games are kept on file and your overall statistics are calculated as you continue to play.

Have fun and good luck as a codebreaker!

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Summary Statistics

High Score90
Win Pct.25%