ZIP Check

Type a US ZIP code in the input box and watch the graphic turn into a green checkmark.



Look ma, no Ajax!
This demo shows how you can use HTTP/REST constraints to build clients that support immediate feedback without using Ajax or other pipeline request services.
Test it without the HTML
You can test ZipCheck without using the HTML page. Try this (valid) link and this (invalid) link. You can just type any values against the base URL ( and get results back in the form of a PNG graphic. Check the source code (below) to see how you can use Accept headers to return XML, JSON, and other representations.
This implementation is based on an example by Joe Gregorio. It was built using the exyus engine.
Download this app
This app is included in the latest file. Check out the Setup section on this site for details on downloading and installing the runtime.
The Code
You can check out the source code for this project by viewing the following documents: