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Add a TaskContent Type: JSON Atom XML


2008-02-03 Update
TaskList has been updated to include support for JSON and Atom. You'll find new control documents to handle the transformation and validation work along with an updated JS file that allow users to switch between XML, JSON, and Atom serialization when sending updates to the remote server. Also, an article on building a desktop client application (TaskList Client Tutorial) is now available. You can view and download the source at the exyus googlecode site.
About this page
This is a sample application built using the exyus engine. The UI let's you add new tasks, change the status of a task, and remove tasks. The page has javascript making XHR calls to toggle and delete tasks. It uses a standard FORM POST to add new tasks.
It's just test data
The data entered here is kept only for a short time. Periodically, the server deletes all the entries. If you're (un)lucky, you might get a bunch of 404 errors while working on the tasks. That usually means the data has been deleted. Refreshing the page will get you back in sync with the server.
Download this app
This app is included in the latest file. Check out the Setup section on this site for details on downloading and installing the runtime.
TaskList Tutorial
Check out the TaskList Tutorial article on how this app was built.
Source code
There are a number of small documents that go into this app. One compiled C# file and a handful of XSL transforms and XSD validator documents. There are also CSS and JS files for client services. Check it out here: