Venner (Norwegian for "friends") is an exploration of selected social network services. The initial project is to create a single web-client that can be used to post messages to multiple network services at the same time. Additional interactions may follow.

2008-06-11 - First 'read-all' test completed.

I've completed the intitial (local) testing of the 'read-all' service. This service lives on the web and, using authenticated user data, reads multiple services and presents it as a single 'river' of data. more to do, but at least this is working, too.

2008-06-08 - First 'post-all' test completed.

A simple 'post-all' library has been built. This allows posting to multiple social networks at a single click. A web client and a console client have been built and work successfully. However, the current apps are weak on security and need additional work for personalization.

2008-06-06 - HTTP logs for selected services posted.

Here are logs that document HTTP request/response activities for four soc-net services (Twitter, Pownce, FriendFeed, and Jaiku).