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2008-03-24 Update
The most recent update of this app includes a complete set of source files to view (see below) and a complete JSON-enabled version of the app (again, see below). The default version of the app is implemented in just HTML FORMS using overloaded POST for PUT and DELETE. This resource also supports the text/xml media type. There is a command-line application that accesses this resource using the XML media type, too.
About this page
The Web app was written using the exyus web engine. It uses data stored in SQL Server and was inspired by the article Introducing Contract First by Christian Weyer that appeared in the online edition of CoDe. The idea was to show that the same functionality described in that article can be accomplished with less code and less effort using the exyus web engine.
Try out the JSON version of this app
This version of the app uses simple HTML FORM POSTing for all update actions. However, you can also try out the JSON-enbabled version of this same application. It's a bit cleaner from the UI perspective[grin].
Download this app
The running version of this app is included in the downloadable exyus runtime. You can also download the source code for the exyus engine and other samples.
UGData Tutorial
To learn more about how this app was built, you can read the UGData Tutorial online. This article also introduces the way exyus uses XSL transformations to move data between SQL Server and the Web server. You can also check out other articles and tutorials at the Articles page.
Source code
If you're interested, you can view the source code online. BTW - the online viewer was also written with exyus.